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The Catwoman Workout.

Catwoman Diet Anne Hathaway

So you may have seen our previous post covering the Catwoman show we did at the Belasco theater last Monday.  (When the Broadway goes dark.)  Well in case you missed it and haven’t found the VOD yet, we had a group of Maxim and Victoria Secret models as well as every hot young actress in town all vying for the title of beast Catwoman ever.

It was totally amazing.  We covered the event with seven EX3′ and our TriCaster 855, MultiCorder and the VazztCast system with our roaming cameras.  We had a teleprompter set up for the individual speeches for the audience.

There was a $5,000 prize for the winner.  I wont tell you who won but she did appear in the pages of maxim and several other men’s mags as well as being a primo scream queen in three recent horror flicks.


Give up?


Then find the damn VOD and watch it.

Ok, so the reason for this post is that I say on the Shape magazine site that there was an article about the Catwoman Workout aka the Catwoman Diet.  Check it out:

The Catwoman Diet

By Karen Borsari

What does it take to pull off a skin-tight black leather cat suit in front of millions of viewers on the big screen? A lot of hard work and a very clean diet. Even the always-svelte Anne Hathaway cleaned up her diet before donning the unforgiving outfit. While the vegetarian actress always follows an anti-inflammatory diet she turned to the pros to help her stay slim and sculpt muscles while preparing for her role as Catwoman in the latest installation of the Batman series: Dark Knight Rises. We had the chance to talk to her personal nutrition coach Jackie Kellerto find out just what the A-lister ate to get cat suit-ready.

Winning Catwoman at the Webcast

While preparing for her role as Catwoman, Hathaway followed an almost vegan, anti-inflammatory diet, which includes whole grains to control blood sugar, avocados, almonds (she doesn’t like walnuts), sesame seeds, dark chocolate, which slows the production of certain chemicals in the body, bright red and orange vegetables that are high in antioxidants (Hathaway loves yams), dark leafy greens, ginger, and tumeric, which contain powerful anti-inflammatory compounds. Keeping her protein levels up to build muscle during intense training sessions was the main challenge Hathaway faced, so Keller worked a lot of Seitan and tempeh into the meal plan.

Some of the actresses favorite meals while preparing for the film include miso soup, a tempeh club avocado sandwich on gluten-free bread, Tuscan brown rice salad, vegetarian chicken fried steak made with seitan, egg white frittatas, and vegetarian egg rolls. It all sounds super healthy but Keller admits Hathaway is a chocolate person and loved her gluten-free chocolate chip cookies, fudge brownies, and marble cake. While working on Dark Knight Rises, Keller made sure the actress had a dessert every day so she wouldn’t have any cravings. Other chocolate fixes Hathaway enjoyed include chocolate power smoothies made with almond milk, and Keller’s Mighty Bars, which she shipped oversees during filming.

To stay fueled, the actress ate every two to three hours for a total of about 1500 to 1800 calories a day. That’s six or seven meals plus a soup or salad daily! Because the goal was to get Hathaway fit and toned while remaining slim, continually fueling her body was a must! And if she got hungry between meals, one of Hathaway’s favorite snacks was all-natural, reduced-fat peanut butter rolled with dried fruit on whole grain lavash.

Hathaway had just one month to get Catwoman-ready but if all you have is a few days to get ready for the beach (or you want to slip into a cat suit from the premiere of Dark Knight Rises this weekend) Keller’s number one tip is to cut out red meat as your source of animal protein and, “default to fish particularly salmon, sardines and trout along with legumes to increase fiber and fatty acids. This will help you fill up and reduce saturated fat and, over all you will eat less,” according to Keller. Secondly, the nutrition coach suggests you do what Hathaway did during filming and reverse the portions on your plate. Vegetables should cover half of your dish with the other half divided between protein and carbohydrates. Lastly, Keller recommends doubling your water intake. “You need lots of water to keep flushing stuff through your system. Almost all of us, even the most conscientious drinker is probably under hydrated. Water is actually important for metabolism,” which is why she encouraged Hathaway to stay hydrated. Thanks to these three tips, her challenging Catwoman workout, and Keller’s anti-inflammatory meals the actress is in purr-fect shape to pull off that cat suit!


Gina Gershon Catwoman



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