Cablevision uses TriCaster 450 Extreme for last minute live broadcast!

TriCasterYou can do what the major companies do too! With the TriCaster.

Cablevision had a last minute emergency live broadcast that they had to throw together in basically half a day. They needed a quick and easy way to broadcast a multi camera shoot with no editing, dynamic lower thirds, and graphics capabilities. What did they do in their hurry?

They rented our TriCaster and an operator.

They chose the TriCaster because it makes a live shoot incredibly easy. Gone are the days where production trucks are needed for complicated live broadcasts. Graphics, live video, and live camera switching are simple on the TriCaster. With the power of the TriCaster, the turnaround time on the live shoot was next to nothing. And hey, in this day in age, time is money!

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