Live WebCasting From A Backpack

Live WebCasting with out an Internet Connection

As long as I did not drop the camcorder over the edge of the hot air balloon’s basket, all would be well. Luckily, I had a firm grip and I stood at a safe distance from the edge. The computer attached to the camera was safely tucked into my backpack. Live streaming while floating high above the ground was an exhilarating experience. I was glad I had a simple way to live stream almost anywhere with such simple equipment.

American Movie Company was covering a skydiving event. They had attached several

JJ Rich photo
JJ Rich AMC TriCaster Tech

camcorders on the ground to the TriCaster 8000. However, they had wanted one other angle from the sky. We knew we could live stream from a hot air balloon because we knew the camera did not have to be plugged into the video switcher on the ground. We would be able to use 3G/4G networks to send the video with KenCast’s VazztCaster program through the internet to the video switcher. The TriCaster operator turned to me: “Are you scared of heights?”

Well, I’d never actually gone in a hot air balloon, but I clambered into the basket with a laptop, backpack,3G/4G internet cards, a black magic device, and the necessary cables. Soon, someone had started a blazing fire under the colorful balloon to help lift us into the air and then we were up.  The wind blew refreshing air across my face as I lifted the camcorder towards the sky.

The skydivers started diving, twirling and falling through the air like birds that suddenly forgot how to fly properly.  I could even see some of the expressions on their faces (admittedly, I was probably enjoying recording them more than a few of them enjoyed diving, judging by their widened eyes and panicked expressions). I knew viewers from all over the world could be enjoying this video without ever having to watch from the ground, or jump out of a plane, or get in a hot air balloon.

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