Roaming Camera + TriCaster Video Switcher?

TricasterWhen you’re watching a live streaming event online, you might sometimes wish you could just jump into the video and walk around. You could then better see what you want to see when you want to see it. Although you probably cannot instantaneously reappear somewhere else, it is definitely possible to provide a more varied live streaming experience.

A video switcher like the fantastic new TriCaster 8000 can allow someone to have multiple cameras set up at an event. However, people sometimes think they can only attach stationary cameras to the video switcher. Luckily, you can have roaming camcorders as well to give viewers a more dynamic shot.

With the right program, someone does not have to attach the video camera to the video

Lauran Eddy: Tricaster 8000 TD
Lauran Eddy: Tricaster 8000 TD

switcher with a cable. Someone can walk around any event, like a concert or a sport, with a camcorder and a computer. A program, like Kencast’s VazztCaster, can send the video through the internet to a computer attached to a video switcher like the TriCaster. Then, the TriCaster director can choose to send out the views from the roaming camera/s just like he chooses to send out those views from the stationary cameras.

This way, the viewers from around the world can get both the roaming view and the stationary view. If you want to walk around and interview people at an event or if you want to follow the action, you can carry the camcorder and live stream at the same time. You can even put a roaming camcorder on top of a car or on a boat. If you have Wi-Fi at the location, that’s great. But if you don’t have Wi-Fi, you can simply use 3G/4G cards. For example, Kencast and the American Movie Company have live streamed from a car in Manhattan and even once from a helicopter.

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If the roaming view doesn’t happen to have a great view, the TriCaster operator can simply switch to one of the stationary cameras. It makes a great live stream!

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