New TriCaster 3 Play820 a “Homerun”

TriCaster 3Play 820 Rocks Little League Game

New 3Play820

I admit baseball is not my favorite sport.

Just too slow.  I could easily tune into a basketball game and would watch it all day if I didnn’t have to work for a living.

But no complaints. I love video production.

At any rate,  my nephew, Sam,  was a Little League star so I go to his games. But his  big game  was out of state in California and all his extended family and friends couldn’t attend.

As luck would have it,  I  (The American Movie Company) had a TriCaster gig in Los Angeles the same weekend as his big game and my crew volunteered to shoot the game pro bono. I love these guys.

We set up eight Sony EX3 camcorders ( I hve pre ordered 8 of the new Blackmagic Cinema Cameras which may or may not be perfect TriCaster cameras) the TriCaster 850 and the Newtek 3 Play 820.  This is an amazing device that give you instant replay on three cameras.

The 3 Play 820 performed flawlessly.  We overdid it at first. Replaying virtually ever single little victory of my nephews team and not the opposition.

Three of the cameras sent their feed wirelessly via VazztCast system by KenCast to the Tricaster 850 which was in turn connected to the web via Ethernet.  The coaches did not want us to run BNC cable all over the infield so we had three remote EX3 cameras with the images sent witlessly back to the TriCaster via the VazztCast system.

Worked like  charm!

Well ,in the end, our team may have lost but that fact that everybody back in New York could see the game live via eight 1080p HD cameras with the TriCaster 850 and in fantastic slow mo via the 3Playlay was so appreciated that the local merchants who sponsored the team have hired the American Movie Company to WebCast all the games.  We only charged our actually out of pocket expenses and I have come to love baseball.

But not as much as hoops.

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