TriCaster 8000 Animation & VFX

The TriCaster 8000 Animated Transitions

Tricaster 8000-UI-1 pictures
TriCaster 8000 Screen

One of the many new features of the latest models in the TriCaster line (the number # 1 WebCasting tool)is the ability to do advanced animated transitions. These make the production look even more professional. The old TriCaster billed itself as a “studio in a box”. Well, the new TriCaster line the TriCaster 455, Tricaster 855 an especially the exciting new TriCaster 8000 (which totally rocks) all go beyond the description of studio in a box. They are full fledged production centers which stream, composite, have advanced Virtual Sets and in the case of the TriCaster 800o have some way cool digital effects transitions.

Take a look at the video below

and check out the TriCaster 8000


The NewTek  TriCaster 8000  employs the most powerful integrated effects engine in live mobile video production today.   You can customize stunning full-color, fully-animated transitions with alpha channels and embedded audio, and overlay with really cool, branded elements designed into real-time cloth dynamics, 3D video warping and transformations with TransWarp effects, and neet motion overlays.

Additionaly  you can create may individually styled custom VFX using the included Animation Store Creator application.

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