TriCaster and sporting events: a match made in heaven!

TriCasterAre you looking to live stream your sporting event to the web? Do you have a great sports team and great broadcasters, but no way to show your talent to the masses?

The TriCaster can help you do just that!

Using a TriCaster can make live sporting events simple. Just plug in up to four cameras into the TriCaster, hand the operator any videos or graphics you would like to use during the event, and off you go! The TriCaster can display scoreboards, graphical overlays and lower thirds, and switch seamlessly among your cameras and video feeds, all in real time. Not too long ago, this kind of operation required an entire production truck. What does it require now? One powerful machine, the TriCaster.

Another feature that is excellent for sports is the optional Time Warp controller. Want to play back your star player’s home run in slow motion? No problem! The TriCaster Time Warp controller allows you to record the action in real time and play it back in slow motion, fast motion, or even backwards. Perfect for those highlight reels!

Lastly, how are you going to reach your viewers at home? Well, the TriCaster has built in webstreaming technology that integrates in real time with LiveStream, UStream, JustinTV, or any popular streaming site. Plus, you can embed a live stream into your own website for easy access!

Next time you have a sporting event you want to broadcast, feel free to rent a TriCaster and operator from American Movie Co!

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