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Chao-Xing American Movie Co WebCasting Expert

More and more business are looking to WebCasting to increase market share, to build their brand and to protect their bottom line in this rough financial environment.

The major products of choice are he TriCaster 855 and 455, The VazztCast wireless broadcast systems and mid-range cameras with HDSDI outputs like the Sony EX3.  This configuration is an inexpensive but highly effective way to get the word out.

Webcasting can be a much better way for businesses to engage with their audiences rather than communicating to a limited number of people. Therefore, Eventstream mentions in its website why and howlive streaming services can create a much bigger impact on the revenue of businesses.  Along with that, it specifies some reasons on its website about why businesses should webcast their next events.

The spokesperson for Eventstream, a leading Canadian WebStraming company says, “According to the company, the most prominent reason to webcast an event is that businesses can reach the global audience without the need to pay a lot for this marketing strategy. This way, the marketing efforts of Eventstream’s clients are not limited to their venue’s size at all. Rather than adapting an approach of targeted marketing, they can cater to a wider audience.”

Sponsoring an event to traditional television viewers indicates that companies aim to fix their corporate image in the minds of viewers without any consent from them. However, webcasting helps them engage with those viewers who are excited about viewing their favorite event by using their computer, web-based television, or smart phone in a comfortable manner.

“Achieving high brand awareness is one of the main objectives of each and every customer-centric business. Although applying different integrated marketing communication strategies can be effective, live video streaming can give an edge to companies as it enables them to reach the target audience in a new and improved way,” the spokesperson adds further.

What else do businesses need when they can use a new medium to interact with their existing and potential customers?  More and more successful businesses understand that using a live stream channel is more affordable for their clients than other traditional mediums such as print and TV.

For more information you may wish to visit the websites of:  NewTek (the makes of the TriCaster 455 and 855).  KenCast (The VazztCast system), Panasonic and Sony,  The American Movie Company (WebCasting and TriCaster rentals nationally in the US).

WebCasting is the future.




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