TriCaster Life Saver

NewTek’s TriCaster might be the greatest device ever to hit the streaming world. It is not just an all in one streaming unit. It is also a live keyer, switcher and lifesaver. That is right a life saver. How does this magical machine save your life? I am glad you asked. Here are five uses for the TriCaster you may have not thought about that could save your life.

#1- Weddings- This is a special day that is super expensive. Who do you invite? Who do you NOT invite? The simple act of sending out invitations can be one of the biggest strains on your marriage. We all know how hard it is to get Grandma to fly half way across the world for your special day. We also know that if she doesn’t get to be part of the event our mothers will never let us forget it. So Use a TriCaster to Live stream your event. Now Grandma from Vancouver can sit in her easy chair and still be apart of your special day. On your invitation you put up a link. Then anyone can tune in for anywhere in the world. You even get a copy of the event for you to watch form days to come.

#2- Representation- So you got cast in the best show ever written. Only problem is that you are in a small Black box theater and to pay for the space you have to charge 25 bucks per ticket. So how are you supposed to get those pesky agents to see your award winning performance? Easy, stream it. You send out your post cards to all of the agents in the world! You put down the link and the time. Now they can be sitting in their beach house in Malibu and watch your show on their I-Pad. Better chance that an agent is going to take twenty minutes and check out your show online then get stuck in traffic on the 405 trying to see your show. Hell, even if they are stuck they have that link they can watch on their smartphone in the car.

#3- Promotion- You opened a bar. Not just any bar the sexiest Club/Bar in all of Los Angeles. But nights are slow. You have all the best up and coming bands and hottest girls in all of the Valley. So how do you get people to walk in the door? You guessed it. TriCaster. Stream your events. People can check out on a live feed if the club is pumping, who is there, and what the music sounds like. Trust me once those boys see the girls at your club… They will come running with Cash in hand.

#4-Radio shows- You know that the best part of your radio broadcast happen during the commercial breaks. And with censors you can’t really show the people at home what your show is about. Kim Iverson from Denver’s Alice 105.9, found a loophole. She now streams her show live over the web. Now you can watch and hear every last word. So get more listeners… and lets see those pearly whites. Who says that having a face for the radio is a bad thing?

#5- Conventions- Did you know that 77,000 people attended the New York Comic-Con. Did you know an expected 200,000 more people wanted to be there but couldn’t? So how do we get our fans to be able to see the panels buy the tickets but stay under fire safety codes? You must have super powers of your own, because you are right. THE TRICASTER! You could sell tickets to a virtual site that people could watch the panels on. The TriCaster can stream faster than a speeding bullet, so why not make more money and let fans who can’t fly to San Diego, but have a sweet set up in mom’s basement. Your event doesn’t have to have a cap, unless that cap is CAPTAIN AMERICA.

So there you have it, 5 ways to use the TriCaster that most people would never think of. Have more? Email me your suggestions @ or leave a comment below. Talk to you soon and remember… If you need it done right and done now, call us.

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