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TriCaster 8000
TriCaster 855

Can I use the Iso recording on the TriCaster to Record program out in different quality levels so 360p, 720p and 1080p for example?

Without getting into the nitty gritty details too much, you can record in two formats at once – your session format, and whatever format Aux out is set to. This would include 480, but not 360. That said, your streaming output can also be captured (in its native format only), so you would also have that, at whatever profile you choose.

TriCaster 8000
TriCaster 8000

Can I save the recordings in a format so they can be quickly setup with in and out point and then shared to Youtube or FTP all from the TriCaster?



Does the 855 or 8000 come with drives installed if not would the new Red line by WD be ok?

We have been told by NewTek that drives are included with the 855 and 8000.

For additional/replacement/swapped drives, I do not know what drives are most suited for the task.

Also If i record a show say one hour can I push that to ftp or YoTtube without transcoding it because otherwise I need another pc that’s just transcoding and uploading?

You can push it to Social media without transcoding, but of course some providers may balk at huge uploads. For that reason you can also choose to selectively and automatically transcode the uploaded files directly on TriCaster as part of the publishing process.

Can use you use 2 of each so 2 x control surface 2 keyboard and 2 mouse?

This is something I’ve been meaning to test. I think the answer is going to be in the form of ‘It’ll probably work just fine, but is officially unsupported’. I know we sometimes use two CS’s for demos, but they weren’t really designed for this as far as I know, and you would doubtless need to be certain people weren’t doing conflicting things. So, for example, I doubt one person could control one M/E a the same time as someone else was controlling another – since the last M/E delegate pressed would dominate. But then again, you could probably manage some of this with macros to avoid conflicts.


How well does the TriCaster play with a external audio mixer. I am looking at starting with a Presonus 24.4.2 and using the TriCaster for streaming and recording but will need to take a output from the TriCaster into the mixer for DDR’s but also run a output from the mixer into the TriCaster for the stream and recording. Can this be done easy with no echo etc?

In this respect, 8000 will be pretty much the same as 850 Extreme and 855. A mixer is just another input to them. You can set up a mix minus on either, but it requires a little thought and will probably take up your Aux output.

Can I setup the TriCaster to have 2 of control method connected (Control Surface, Mouse and Keyboard) so it can be controlled from either set in the Studio.

Yes, you can connect 8000CS at the same time as keyboard and mouse, and both can control the system.




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