WebCast From The New Hotel Revel Atlantic City

WebCasting. We Reveled

Dateline: Atlantic City

By Susan Egert

Hotel Revel
Revel Hotel:Atlantic City

My fiends from college who were in the area decided to WebCast our “reunion” at the new Revel Hotel in Atlantic City. 

First let me say that the Revel Hotel is quite something.   The architecture amazing and though somewhat cavernous it has small cozy areas for chatting.  The rooms are sensational and a real treat.  This place is located right on the ocean and has absolutely stunning views.

The real reason, however I’m writing this is to tell you about what WebCasting is and what it can do for you.  Our group, which turned out to be larger than I thought, decided to visit with our other friends who could not attend.

We hired The American Movie Company, (which was a recommendation from our friends in the film business), to WebCast our event, or should I say events, at The Revel Hotel with their new TriCaster 8000 and Vazztcast System. 

Revel Hotel Atrium
Revel Hotel Atrium

We did lot’s of things.  Actually I knew little about doing this or, frankly, that we could even do such a thing.  We were guided by the experts at AMC and were able to reach our friends who could not make it using something called a TriCaster.  While I am unable to explain to you how this actually technically works I can tell you that it can bring the world together.  I always thought that this kind of technology was for corporations and politicians but really it can be used by anyone.  I don’t mean that you can operate the TriCaster yourself but you can use it for weddings, reunions, parties any time you know there will be others who can’t make an event and it’s important to all of you.

Revel Hotel Hall
Revel Hotel Hall

The American Movie Company is a very reliable organization.  The staff very friendly and accommodating.  I understand they also rent teleprompters.  This is a whole other thing.  I’ll save it for another time.  In any case our reunion turned out to be just fabulous and part of it had to do with being able to web cast the event.  I hope your mind has been expanded.

What great new technology!

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