High Fashion Hits the High Line

Wireless WebCasting Runway Models

Dateline: New York Meat Packing District

By Kim Sanders

I  got to be a web techie on a really cool webcasting shoot on New York City’s iconic High Line.  If  you don’t know it, it’s literally a park in the sky.  A old railroad line used to run along the west side of Manhattan.  The trains serviced all the factories along the Hudson.  Well,that day is long gone and a new day dawn above New York’s most awesome park.

The problem with the High Line, however, for this webcast was this.  No Internet.

Now that’s usually a deal killer but AMC uses VazztCast technology to bundle the signal form a number of telephone providers to provide an HD signal to the TriCaster 8000

There were models form all over  the City and they were shooting all over the High Line.

Blonde Fashion Model
Blonde Fashion Model

Beautiful Fashion Models were all over the place. The day was amazing.  Perfect temperature, perfect light.  But that brought the crowds and the High Line does not close for fashion shoots or webcasts no matter how big a deal the shoot is.  Note we were literally above the famous Milk Studios where an indoor fashion shoot was going on as well.

Today it was the scene of a high fashion webcast.  No big deal there.  The big Apple sees a fashion shoot on every corner.  Most take place on the corner of the studio where I work.  The American Movie Company is on the corner of Walker St in Tribeca and Cortland Alley, the most photographed alley on Planet earth.  It’s really don and dirty, old rusted fireworks, etc.  But back to the park in the sky.

High Line At dusk
High Line At dusk

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