American Movie Company Covers Lucy Hale Fan Event

Lucy Hale comes to Union Square, American Movie Company



Actress Lucy Hale
Actress Lucy Hale


The American Movie Company had an exciting opportunity last Sunday: they covered the fan event and interviewed singer-turned-actress Lucy Hale, of TV’s Pretty Little Liars fame, amid a crowd of hundreds of screaming fans eager to get a glimpse, or even meet the actress.



Fans were carrying Pretty Little Liars DVDs and other items to be autographed and wrote Hale’s name all over a brick wall on 13th St. in multi-colored chalk to give their idol a proper New York greeting. While all of this was happening in front of the barrier, American Movie Company staff was taking photographs of the happenings and of the Bongo (the clothing line that hosted the event) truck where Hale was to be greeting her fans.



The astonishing heat didn’t stop hundreds of fans from crowding the street and sidewalk with their friends and family for a chance to meet the star as she took pictures and signed autographs with a select number of girls lucky enough to receive a ticket to meet her. Those that didn’t have a ticket were justifiably upset, as they would have waited in line for hours in vain. One upset mother claimed that some people had been waiting in line since 7:00 that morning (the event was at 2:00 pm).



The chaos was controlled until a big black truck pulled up. Any other day, a big black truck wouldn’t signal anything, but on the day when THE Lucy Hale was coming to greet fans, the big black truck meant that Hale had arrived.  As soon as the fans saw of the car, all hell broke loose and an ear-shattering scream that could wake the dead burst from the crowd. American Movie Company photographers scrambled to get pictures of Hale who walked out of her truck nonchalantly, waved to her fans, and walked into the Bongo car where she was to be interviewed. The American Movie Company crew filmed her exciting entrance.


Union Square
Union Square, where Lucy Hale greeted fans

American Movie Company staff interviewed Hale before she came down to take photographs with her fans and autograph their DVDs, books, and whatever else they could carry with them on their epic trek to Union Square (some fans supposedly came from New Jersey and Canada). With a crowd worthy of Nathanael West’s The Day of the Locust, fans charged into the middle of 14th St., blocking traffic and causing event organizers to warn them that police would come if they did not move out of the street. If it is getting in trouble with the police or catching a look, no matter how brief, of their favorite celebrity, these girls wanted that look, likely thinking that the organizers’ threat of police was an empty one.



Minutes later, police did come and tried to move the fans back onto the sidewalk so that cars could get through. Reluctantly, the fans moved. Hale went on taking pictures and signing autographs while the American Movie Company, tired and happy after a unique event, packed up and disappeared.

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