A Great Way to WebCast Live Video With Multi-Views!

Do you you ever feel frustrated about trying to show people an important event happening far away? Until you can figure out how to make audiences magically disappear and reappear in another location, live streaming online (aka Webcasting) is a great solution. But what if you want to see different angles of an event? People say that they want to be a fly on the wall because a fly can zoom all around the event. However, a single and solitary camera can make a viewer feel more like a fly with its feet stuck in some chewing gum.

American Movie Company’s video switcher, the TriCaster, and video streaming services can make you feel like a liberated fly because, along with Kencast’s VazztCaster broadcast program, it allows you, the producer, to use both roaming camcorders and one or more stationary cameras. This way, the viewer can easily see different viewpoints of an event. For example, at a triathlon, you could see a friend swimming in a lake like a mermaid, your co-worker imagining he’s in the Tour de France on a bike, and your cousin triumphantly winning the race at the finish line.

The American Movie Company and Kencast provide a link on which anyone can watch the resulting live stream on any device with internet access, whether they watch it on a computer at their office or on a mobile phone on a bus. You can even chose to charge people to watch the live streaming video because there is support for E-Commerce (PPV and paid subscriptions).

While filming at the location of your event, 3G/4G networks provide the internet access necessary to capture the live stream into the video switcher. After the 3G and/or 4G cards have been plugged into a computer’s USB ports, the broadcast software combines the bandwidth to create a higher quality video streaming experience. This is sent to a video service, provided by American Movie Company, on the Internet Cloud and back to the event. A second computer receives the signal, wireless or wired, with broadcast software from American Movie Company, for input to the video switcher.

Where does the portability come in? Just stick the broadcasting computer (with the 3G/4G networking) into a backpack and carry the camcorder in your hand. Connect the camcorder to the computer using a Black Magic UltraStudio Card (or equivalent), which can accept many types of inputs (such as HDMI or composite video cables). This way, someone is able to easily walk around the event with the roaming camcorder and stream live video at the same time.

Provide different viewpoints to your viewers with the TriCaster. Plug multiple stationary camcorders into the TriCaster and set them up around the event. Also connect the roaming camcorders to the TriCaster. The audience viewing the Webcast online will feel even more immersed in the experience.

With another computer connected to the output of the TriCaster, someone (the Director) will choose which video from those available on the the TriCaster to send out to the viewers. The Director can switch to whichever screen has the most interest. You’ve become your own online video producer!

American Movie Company Multi-View Live Stream

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