Want To Live Stream with3G/4G cards?

Have you ever needed to live stream an event happening in a location with no Wi-Fi? Has your home team played an important baseball game in a grassy park or your favorite band played on a square in a small village? People want to be able to watch these live streaming events in high quality, knowing that the video will reach them smoothly. Live streaming events are becoming incredibly popular and many viewers want to see events happening far away from them. Luckily, live streaming at a location with no Wi-Fi does not have to stop you.

3G or 4G cards can be a fantastic solution. However, using only one of these cards might not give you the greatest internet strength with which to transmit your live stream. Luckily, it’s easy to use more than one 3G/4G card; you can even use cards from different companies such as Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, or T-Mobile. With the correct program, the internet from the cards will be combined to provide a stronger internet. American Movie Company has live streamed events using KenCast’s VazztCaster program, which lets people combine the bandwidth of these3G/4G signals.

You attach a computer to the TriCaster or to a camera and then attach your 3G/4G cards from various companies into your computer. Then, using the right program, you will have a much stronger internet at the location of your event. Just start transmitting the live stream and anyone with internet can watch the video, whether they are watching on an iPhone on a train or on a computer at home.

For example, I once live streamed a triathlon using these 3G/4G cards using VazzCaster. I was able to film parts of the swim, run, and bike ride. I hurried around the course with the camcorder and wherever I went, I was able to stream the event live. The multiple cards made sure that my signal was strong wherever I was during the long race. However, I wasn’t the only person was a camera on the course. With the TriCaster, we were able to send out whichever one of the roaming cameras had the best view.

With the smooth video and the ability to use the internet cards and a laptop with a video switcher, your audience will have a great live streaming experience.

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