The New TriCaster 40

Less than one week ago, NewTek announced the second generation TriCaster 40,  a complete multi-camera video production studio, in a box. This system enables its users to create professional streaming productions on small budgets. This upgrade gives users the ability to customize animated transitions, customize professional graphics and titles, faster file interoperability, and much more.

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Our TriCaster 40, available for rent

New Features:

•New formats for videos, session resolutions, and recording options

•New workflows for recording to disk and exporting to external applications

•A dedicated title station with an included LiveText application for creating HD graphics and titles with a few hundred pre-loaded templates.

•The now included Animation Store Creator allows you to produce full color, full motion Network-style visuals. This adds a polished look to live productions by making overlays, audio, and warped video mapped against any 3D surface look much better

• General improved visual quality and consistency, correcting variances in the video signal on every single input, and tightly calibrating black, white, and color levels.

If you already own a TriCaster 40, you can purchase a software upgrade for $995 (US).

Until July 12, 2013, the TriCaster 40 can be purchased for $4,995 (US), with an optional upgrade to version 2 software for $995 (US).

After July 12, 2013, all TriCaster 40 systems will include the Version 2 software, and the price will increase to $5,995 (US).

An optional control surface for TriCaster 40 is available for $1,995 (US).

International prices vary. For more information, please visit the NewTek website at:

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