Wireless Webcasting Boxing Event

Wireless Webcasting the Big Fight.

Girl On the Escallator before the Webcast of the Fight
Me On the Escalator before the Webcast of the Fight

I am writing this blog to thank the people at The Kencast.com.  They “saved my life”.  I was going to offer my “first born” but they assured my that thanks were enough. Really they saved my livelihood by finding a solution to a problem.

I do public relations and publicity for a prestigious architectural firm.  I thought I had done all the preparation was completely prepared for the ribbon cutting and grand opening of one of the firms most grand projects.  All was set and then the CEO said “our friends in Dubai are delighted that they will be seeing the opening events”.  At first I was bewildered and had no idea what he was talking about.  So as not to seem absolutely an idiot I shook my head and smiled.  I queried, what have I missed here?  We parted and I went straight to a close friend at the firm to ask if knew what the CEO meant by his comment regarding Dubai.  He knew immediately.  I was to have arranged a Webcast so that the ceremony could be viewed in Dubai.  How did I miss this?  The show was going off in three days.  I had to make this happen so I started calling around to try to find out who could help me.  After doing considerable research I got a recommendation to Bill Steel at KenCast from a friend who knew Bill Milling, the CEO, of the American Movie Company.  Bill had arranged a series of Webcasts for my friend’s Boxing events.  He called Bill for me and he could not have been more reassuring about pulling this off in three days.

The problem was the new arena had no Internet and we needed a wirelesss solution.  Enter KenCast’s Vazztcast technology which let us aggregate several phone cards and send the signal to the cloud and down to the KenCast serves for pay per view distribution worldwide.

Bill asked me a series of questions and actually the process seemed quite painless.  His technical staff took over and I began the organization with them.  The device used is something called a TriCaster 8000.  Quite an amazing machine.  Since I’m not technical I can’t explain but needless to say my boss never knew that I never knew and the webcast went off without a hitch.  Once again I can’t say thank you enough times and would encourage you to consider using this amazing technology.  Also, the American Movie Company is the place to call for all of your video, studio and green screen needs.  If they can’t do it they’ll tell you what to do and where to go!

Cheers and thanks!

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