Los Angeles TriCaster Rentals

Our Los Angeles office is run by Tom Philips and is located at 818-855-1754.

The Pro Teleprompter has a complete rail system and counterweights to provide support for the larger ENG style cameras such as Red, Alexa, F900, etc.

The American Movie Company has two versions of the Pro Prompter series available:

The 12″ Gold Plate Teleprompter at $695
And the 17″ Master Series Teleprompter at $795.
Both will handle very long lenses. If you have talent with very poor eyesight (we bought this unit for Dan Rather.) or the teleprompter is more that 15′ from the talent or if you have a very wide lens (18mm or wider), you may want the 17″ Master Series Teleprompter.

The Autocue Prompter is professional in every feature.

The best monitor specification.
• In each class, our custom-made teleprompting monitors match or better the specification of any competitor.
• Key differentiators for our LED-backlit Master Series monitors include: in-board cable management; integrated, dimmable tally, and the lowest power consumption.

The lightest teleprompters.

• The slimmest high-bright monitors, with a weight saving of up to 28% over similar teleprompter solutions.
• Combined with a lighter mounting plate, the total weight saving is approximately 3.7kgs/8.1lbs on our 17” Master Series unit • Our Professional Series units are even lighter than the Master Series – though there’s no internal power supply or backlight.

Red Camera & Pro Prompter

The easiest teleprompters to rig and maintain.
• Set-up is completely tool-less.
• Our standard mounting plates are easier to attach to the tripod and to the camera thanks to their innovative design.
• Our hinged hood frames enable easy access to the glass and camera lens – you’ll have to remove screws to do the same with
competing units.

The most flexible teleprompters.

Pro Teleprompter & Talent

• The widest range of movement to accommodate any camera and lens.
• There’s never any need to raise the camera to center the lens in the glass, compromising balance.
• Continuous and tool-less movement of all components in all directions – other manufacturers only provide a few pre-set positions and you need
to remove the camera, prompter and mounting plate every time you want to move the whole unit forwards and backwards.

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