Newtek Tricaster 455 & 855 & 8000

Technical Specs on the New TriCaster 455 & 855

And introducing the awesome TriCaster 8000

Jeff Blake, AMC TriCaster Tech

With the exciting new 24 channel, eight-camera 1080p input Newtek TriCaster 855, producers can step up to eight camera digital switching with internal iso on all eight.  The unit contains five DVR’s for all your digital assets: video, photos, graphics, etc. as well as two network channels for ingesting computer displays from wireless iOS devices.  (Laptops, iPads, etc) It has eight M/E-style virtual inputs for the simultaneous compositing of each camera on green screen into incredible, photo-real 3D virtual sets.  You can create custom picture effects and presets, live lower thirds… all on the fly.

The amazing new TriCaster 455 and 855  are ready to rock right out of the box.   With the redundant power supply and multi-tiered fail-safe, you have industrial-strength performance and the ability to adapt to every challenging situation. The units have all major inputs including the popular HDSDI, and more format compatibility than previous models, as well as a host of file types make the TriCaster 455 & 855 the best TriCasters yet.

Compact Design

The 455 & 855 technology is extremely compact easily fitting in a standard rack mount.  So, it’s totally “road ready”.  Many travel case designs are available which let you work with the unit without even removing it from the hard case.

Multi-Track Iso-Recording

The 455 & 855 IsoCorder™ multi-track video recording technology replaces the capture potential of many racks of standard video capture equipment.  It has loads of disc space, enhancing your studio with a powerful, built-in, real-time ISO recording system on all eight (or all four in the case of the TriCaster 455) camera inputs, simultaneously… right inside the TCX user interface.  Producers can record their entire show, select camera footage, still images and more, at full 1080p resolution to meet the most challenging post-production demands.

TriCaster 855

You can easily enhance your brand with the most powerful integrated effects engine in professional live production. You can choose full-color, animated transitions with alpha channel and embedded audio. It allows producers to create a cohesive presentation with imaginative, branded elements, like real-time “cloth dynamics”, 3D video warping and way cool slo-mo transitions with TransWarp effects and full motion overlays. Producers will easily, create custom effects using the  “Animation Store Creator application” which comes included with the new TriCaster 455 and 855 units.

The new TriCaster 455 & 855 let you import media assets on the fly from pre-production, to live in real time.

TriCaster 455

Both the TriCaster 455 and 855 have  the ability to easily handle hundreds of hours of recorded video on four internal two terabyte,  removable drives.   There are five internal DVR’s available to record and/or import your assets on the fly.  Additionally, there are eight virtual sources and ten live sources.   You can  swap out the media drives for even more storage.    The internal session library can save the  settings and assets for each production. Shift from show to show—without missing a beat.

TriCaster 455

The formats you  can produce in the TriCaster 455 and

TriCaster 855

855 will put produces and a distinct advantage with native resolution support from SD, to 1080p HD.  You will never have to transcode or turn down content from different formats, resolutions, and file types—mix any of them natively for input, output or playback. And with instant access to free software updates, you can always count on having the latest features and constant innovation.

Record Live Streaming Video, Simultaneously

You can, when both WebCasting and program recording are built right into your production operation. Maximize online views with support for multi-bitrate streaming profiles, and even access online CDN accounts and view streams in real time with a built-in Web browser. Without missing a beat, record the entire program in the background for uploading, later viewing, archiving, or saving to disk.

Realistic 3D virtual Sets

Wow your audience, while raising eyebrows and the profile of your show. With built-in virtual sets, and support for standalone Virtual Set Editor 2.0, you can have a network-style studio environment without the high cost or heavy construction. Broadcast live from a multi-angle virtual set that sports your company logo, with key elements you can edit. Complement your presentation with double-box effects, featuring your own video and graphics.


With QuickTime® encoded files embedded with time code and four intigreted audio tracks, you have the comfort of a high-quality, universal file format that floats effortlessly between TriCaster, Windows & Mac  platforms, and most professional editing and post-production NLE’s. Plus, new codecs for Mac and PC let your whole production facility easily encode multiple media assets for real-time, optimized playback.

 And watch for the New TriCaster 8000

The TriCaster 800 will feature a twent-four-channel switcher, enhanced by eight fully re-entrant M/E rows. It features external router support for large-scale, multi-camera production in native full-resolution 1080p HD, eight channels of ISO recording in up to 1080p, and live output to up to fourteen different display destinations. It can amplify a producers content strategy with integrated social media sharing to publish to all major  social media networks: Facebook, Twitter, etc.  All live while maintaining brand consistency and maximize audience engagement.   The new 8000 has the world’s most powerful integrated effects system.


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