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Who is the best actress ever to play the Dark Knight’s Catwoman?

Catwoman Statue at Webcast

The renewed interest in the Catwoman character sparked by the New Christopher Nolan Batman has renewed the decades old controversy.  We we’re called to the Belasco Thereter in Times Square to webcast at he ultimate “Cat Fight”.  Scores of young ladies.Catwoman

Anne Hathaway and the other Catwomen

Several of whom were Maxim and Victoria Secret models all vied for the audience attention and posed to ‘inspire” the vote of the adolescent teenage audience.

What it did inspire was naturally full fantasy fodder for the pubescent youth.

We used our TriCaster 855 with six Sony EX3’s to cover the event.  We had two of the cameras wireless with the Vazztcast system from Kencast and we got gret iso quality recording with the MultiCaster unit.

The character of Catwoman was first brough to our attention comic artist Bob Kane in the first Batman published way back in 1940.  The rumor was that the characer was  inspired by Jean Harlow a distant relative of Kane’s.   At first she was known just as The Cat,  a “whip wielding cat burglar”. 

Catwoman at the Webcast

The Catwas to be a fleeting romantic interest  or lust object for Batman.  It was assumed

Halle Berry Catwoman

he was fascinated by her and one he on the surface thought he could reform but on a deeper level one he who could release his dark side.

Catwoman was part good, part evil.. all seduction.

. In the 1966 version of Batman, Catwoman’s alias was Kitka, in the 1989 version of Batman, Catwoman’s alias was Selina Kyle, and you can read more on that later on in this lens.  It is Sleina Kyle who captures our hearts as playd by Anne Hathaway in the present version.

I would argue she is the best. Kelsea Stahler , Staff  Agrees.

She writes

The first part of her success comes purely from Nolan’s decision to leave off the Catwoman

Little Known Catwoman Gina gershon

moniker. If anything, we can assume those Gothamites who’d witnessed her work might whisper the name jokingly, but for the entirety of the film, she is solidly Selina Kyle, professional cat burglar and not some acrobatic she-villain in a spray-on leather suit (though her suit of choice is

Catmar Julie Newmar

rather curve-hugging). The removal of her alias lends gravity to a character whose past iterations have been largely defined by the necessarily catty costume. Even Hathaway’s “cat ears” are merely a wink at Kyle’s cartoonish villain name. Instead of putting Hathaway in a dinky pair of pin-on faux-ears, we merely think we see the signature cat profile, when in reality, it’s the shape of her tactical spy-goggles perched atop her level head. We know she’s Catwoman, but she doesn’t have to become some flag-waving obtuse version of the conflicted character to tell us that.

Catwoman Michelle
Early Catwoman Lee Meriwether
Canadian Catwoman Megan Campbell



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