KenCast’s trademark FAZZT® 8.2 digital delivery system and FAZZT Dual Node Enterprise Server.

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  KenCast is proud to announce its deal to roll out over 2000 Media Hub appliances as part of Globecomm’s Tempo technology, in a deal with Rollins, Inc .  As part of the streaming deal, KenCast will provide uplink hubs and receive side appliances. This will consist notably of the Media Hub, an ultra-reliable multicast system for files and streams, which includes KenCast‘s trademark FAZZT® 8.2 digital delivery system and FAZZT Dual Node Enterprise Server. The appliance deal will provide Globecomm with KenCast’s high quality, secure and reliable streaming technology to enterprises for internal communications, employee training and digital display media.

Bill Steele, Chairman and CEO of KenCast, said “We are pleased to partner with Globecomm to bring this comprehensive communications solution to enterprises.  Tempo is a state-of-the-art system for content delivery, display, and interaction.” AMC Webinair – VazztCaster Streaming Software Instructional VideoKenCast recently created an instructional video as part of a webinar series at the American Movie Company, showcasing VazztCaster video streaming software, and was mentioned in an accompanying  AMC blog.  By using VazztCaster, viewers can watch live events on the web and producers can stream their own live events with an option to monetize their content. Download the software for free at
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