TriCaster Tips Series: Ways to make your next shoot with a TriCaster magical.

So do you want to make your shoot much easier with a TriCaster? Here are some tips and tricks to do just that. Well, without further adieu…


Tip #1– Using a TriCaster with a Green Screen

Yes, the TriCaster can be used live, in real time, for Green Screen work. The TriCaster has a chroma-key function which can enable you to virtually place the talent anywhere. And the best part is that there is no post production needed! You simply push a button, load up one of the 20 live sets that comes with the TriCaster (or even create one of your own), and you have the professional look of an elaborate set or scenery created digitally. In real time. With the click of a button. One of the ways the TriCaster can save time (and time is money), and make your shoot magical.

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