Tricaster 8000 On the North Fork

My Wedding Webcast!

Dateline: North Fork, Long Island

By Sara Engles

Where to begin? My Wedding Day.

My Wedding Chappel
My Wedding Chappel in NYC

OK, the beginning.  An engagement party of gargantuan proportion.   Surely in excess but what’s too much when it’s a happy occasion.  We’re here right now and all is well so let’s celebrate!  We were all agreed and my parents could not have been happier that I was finally getting married.  I’m definitely not a loser.   I had lots of girlfriends.  I just didn’t settle on anyone until now.  To continue now that I have defended myself, the party was about to get larger than I had ever imagined because we decided to broadcast it to all of my relatives in Tuscany.  We are a great extended family with a huge number still in “the old

Buttons: The Best Man!
Buttons: The Best Man!

country”.  The event took place in NYC but the party, and what a party is was, took place in the vineyards on the North Fork of Long Island.  What better way to feel we were all in the same place.  We hired the American Movie Company  NYC to WebCast the engagement extravaganza.

They do this by using a TriCaster 8000 and new Vazztcast system.

This was a very professional operation and was not a difficult production as I had expected.  Actually things fell into place just perfectly even considering the time difference.  We were able to make it work thanks to AMC.  I know most would think as I originally did, that this sort of thing was used for more professional venues, corporate and political events etc. but I urge you to think differently.

If you have something absolutely special and your nearest and dearest can’t be there you should consider webcasting.  Nobody wants people they love to miss the most important times and we live in a world now where unbelievable things are possible.  So, don’t sell your dreams short.  I am so happy we did this.  We’re now planning the wedding and many from Tuscany will be coming to New York but we’ll see.

If it’s not everyone perhaps we’ll be webcasting again.

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