TriCasters Go to The Dogs

WebCasting/Dog Show Divas

Dateline: New York City

By Susan Egert

Dog SHow Winner Picture
Bumper: Dog Show Winner

I’m a publicist who was asked to set to put a WebCast in place for a dog show which was took place a few weeks ago.  First, I love dogs so this was just perfect and delightful.  Second however I did not know a darn thing about WebCasting.  This is not to say that I had not heard about such a thing I just had not done a gig like that.  In any case, my employer”s request set me on the research of just how you do WebCasting.  I started with a Google search.  Where else to begin?  First what exactly was web-casting and how does it work.  Don’t worry I’m not about to give you a technical diatribe but actually I would love to because I find this all so interesting.  Let me just say if you want to broadcast an event to “anywhere” this is the venue.  A device is used called a TriCaster 8000.  It does something quite unique.

Lovit:  Dog Show Runner Up
Lovit: Dog Show Runner Up

The company I hired to help me and to do the broadcast was AMC, short for The American Movie Company.  They have an amazing reputation.  Also these people have a wonderful Green Screen Studio at 81 Walker Street (which is in chic Tribeca) in New York City but that’s for another discussion.  Staying on topic, the operators at AMC were extremely professional.  This was in all areas,  Their response time to my inquiry was quick and an explanation of the technology was in laymen’s terms.  They were able to put something in place very quickly and “deployed” a web-casting specialist to the country within two days.  The TriCaster specialist was a great guy who fell in love with the doggies too.  I think the venue made him a happy guy.  We all worked hard but had plenty of time to play with the puppies.  Great gig!

The event was a success and my employer was very happy.  AMC made me look great.  Thank you Bill and Jeff.  I have plans to use their Green Screen Studio next month for another client.  I can only say the best things about AMC, the technology and the dogs.  Will keep you posted.

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