Wireless Webcasting Increased My Bottom Line

Webcasting /Sales Taking Off

Andrea Polik

Andrea Polik  Sculptress picture
Andrea Polik: Sculptress

I’m the artist/owner/designer of my own business in re-purposing found objects and making sculptures.  It had been suggested to me that I spend an afternoon web-casting to show people how unique what I do is.  It was also an opportunity to do a lot of advertising for my holiday collection of sculpted objects.

At first, I wasn’t sure it was the right venue for someone like me.  Just an artist wanting to show his works and how it’s done but boy was I wrong.  My sales have immeasurably increased.  Perhaps my customers just like the unique opportunity to see me work first hand or maybe I was just funny.  Not sure but wireless webcasting periodically now has made all the difference.  Interestingly enough it has also made me feel less lonely as I work on my own so often.  I think it’s the life of an artist.  I knew nothing of this process before I began and I’m not yet the “maven” from a technical point of view.  I do however know enough to tell you that this is done using a TriCaster.  If you have an interest call The American Movie Company and they will explain.  They’ve been great and have made the process easy.  I’ve had such great financial success I’ve made this a monthly Webcast.

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